18 People Who Publicly Paid Tribute To Their Loved Ones, Reminding Us The Importance Of A Simple 'Thank You'

#9 is particularly sweet.

Showing appreciation for a person you love, or who has just been there for you in one way or another, can be so important. Sometimes we forget to simply say "thank you," but when we do, it can mean the world to another person So, why not do something so simple on a daily basis? 

Some people have made their shows of appreciation a little more public by posting a tribute on Reddit for the special person in their life. Redditors called out friends, spouses, significant others, family members and more. Their shows of appreciation remind us to say "thank you" to people in our lives, or to celebrate that person in some way. 


1. This woman who celebrated her partner of two years.

2. This Redditor who told their BFF how much they mean ... and their friend reciprocated.

3. This person who paid tribute to her partner of less than a year.

4. This best friend who sent a heartfelt text to their friend.

5. This son who wrote a letter for his family.

6. This girlfriend who gave her boyfriend a "Best Dad In The Whole World" frame.

7. This man who celebrated Mother's Day with his friend.

8. This person who paid tribute to their sister.

9. This boyfriend who gave his girlfriend a gift with an emotional note.

She gave him a compass when they were in a long distance relationship. So, he gave it back to her when he was going away for a month. She added, "I know it was a little sappy even when I initially gave it to him. It really made my day that he kept it, and that he thought of doing this for me."

10. This creative girlfriend who showed her love for her boyfriend in an unexpected way.

11. This girlfriend who sent a heartfelt text to boyfriend.

12. This man who was happy to be reunited with his best friend.

13. This person celebrating their new love.

14. This person who was excited their crush liked them.

15. This woman who is celebrating every day with her partner.

16. This man who celebrated the ladies in his life.

17. This girlfriend who is commemorating six years of their relationship.

18. This girlfriend who sent her boyfriend an encouraging message.


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