They Set Up A 'Love Line' For People To Call Those They've Lost Touch With. Here's How It Went.

"You make home such a special place for me."

"Call someone you've lost touch with. Tell them what they mean to you."

That's the sign people read before using a pop-up heart-shaped phone booth to call someone special they hadn't spoken to in a long time. 

The brilliant minds behind the uplifting SoulPancake YouTube channel set up the "Love Line" booth to be a heartwarming street stunt to help people rekindle their relationships. Strangers who passed by the booth were inspired to call their parents, mentors, and old friends. 

In our text obsessed culture, talking on the phone can be difficult in general. But it can be extra nerve-wracking to phone someone you've lost touch with. However, these people's experiences show that no matter how awkward it may be at first, it's totally worth it.

One woman called her father and found herself fighting back tears after hearing his voice. "You're my dad and I want to be around you and I want to have experiences with you," she said. 

"I want that as well, honey," he replied. 

Hopefully, this video will inspire you to reach for the phone and call someone you've been meaning to talk to. There's no better time than now. 


Watch the video below:


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