People From All Over The World Define Beauty, Showing It Truly Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

"If you ask me, like, what's a sexy thing about a person, it's his or her intelligence."

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it's not only a matter of personal taste; it's often a preference based on the culture you were born into as standards vary from country to country. In an effort to find just how much variation there really is, Blaine, a producer from Cut, traveled all around the world asking people to define beauty. 

"When I say 'beauty,' what's the first word that comes to mind?" Blaine asks participants. And though he asks for just a word, people's responses are a bit more intricate. 

"If you ask me, like, what's a sexy thing about a person, it's his or her intelligence," one man from New Delhi says. 

"Elegance," one woman from Paris answers. "To me, it's when you don't know you are beautiful. You feel good about yourself, and you can act natural." 

The participants also describe their ideal partners, the qualities that make a man or a woman beautiful, and the traditional standards that certain cultures put into place when it comes to beauty.

"It can be outer beauty, inner beauty, or a moment," one person says at the end of the video. "For everyone it's subjective and you have to decide for yourself."

You can check it all out in the full video below:



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