Portraits Of People From Different Countries Paired With Most Common Google Searches Call For A Change

We are all in the same boat, so why swing it?

Google autocomplete results have already been the source of many poignant memes and listicles scattered all across the Web. 

However, this project takes it to a different extreme and is likely to cause more painful grins than happy smiles.

Brazilian copywriter Tiago Abreu and art director Linus Oura joined their talents and initiated a thought-provoking awareness project titled People Are Equal. Inspired by Google's autocomplete functionality, Abreu and Oura wanted to explore what information people search on other cultures.

What they found was not pretty. At all.


'French are ... rude / famous for / beautiful.'

Magdalena Korpas | People Are Equal

"Google's auto-complete feature gives suggestions based on the most frequently performed searches. When we search for any nationality on it, most of the results are prejudices," Abreu and Oura explain on their website.

Startled by people's negativity towards each other, they decided it's no longer appropriate to sugarcoat it — on the contrary, it is time to address the issue in a rather daring kind of manner.

'Chinese are ... rude / coming / cruel / smart.'

Pawel Maciejewski | People Are Equal

Abreu and Oura invited a bunch of photographers from all over the world to contribute portraits of people of different nationalities and then paired them with the most common results from Google.

When put all of these photographs side by side to send an incredibly powerful message.

You can see the negative, demeaning search terms repeat themselves regardless of the nationality. Judging by this, pretty much the entire world is racist and rude. But is it really so?

'Germans are ... smart / cold / aryans / known for.'

Chris Zerbes | People Are Equal

"We are not trying to prove anything, but to make people think about how the world is filled with hatred and prejudice," Abreu and Oura told A Plus. 

"At the end, there are no lazy, ugly or stupid people. We just need to realize that we are simply ... equal."

Check out more featured photographs below and be sure to visit the People Are Equal website to learn more about the project.

'Americans are ... brainwashed / spoiled / ignorant / I hate Americans.'

Jerome Bourgeois | People Are Equal

'English are ... German / rude / reserved / the best.'

Matthew Howarth | People Are Equal

'Brazilians are ... annoying / not Latinos / not Hispanic / white.'

Alex Takaki | People Are Equal

'Ugandans are ... romantic / the laziest in East Africa / lazy / beautiful.'

João Bolan | People Are Equal

'Russians are ... the scariest white people / the black people of white people / idiots / tough.'

Darya Vasileva | People Are Equal

'Estonians are ... slow / racist / rude / known for.'

Daniel Noll & Audrey Scott | People Are Equal

'Indians are ... rude.'

Michael Matlach | People Are Equal

'Japanese are ... weird / rude / Chinese.'

Tatsuo Suzuki | People Are Awesome

'Hungarians are ... Mongols / racist / Turks / from Mars.'

Magdalena Korpas | People Are Equal

'Swedes are ... boring / racist / cold.'

Matthew Howarth | People Are Equal

'Australians are ... weird / idiots / lazy / racists.'

Shawn Kennedy | People Are Equal

'Polish are ... tall / rude / known for / taking our jobs.'

Magdalena Korpas | People Are Equal

'Cubans are ... arrogant / annoying / racist / white.'

Rafael Stedile | People Are Equal


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