People Of All Ages, 0 To 100, Were Asked To Define Their Generation

"I think my generation was the greatest generation.”

Every generation has a story — a groundbreaking idea that forever changed the world, an ethos that influenced popular culture, and an experience that impacted their perspective on life. 

Whether you are a Millennial, a Baby Boomer, or the up and coming Generation Z, you probably think your generation is the best. The truth is, every generation is significant and has learned something from the one before it, and laid a path for the next one. In a new video from SoulPancake a YouTube channel of positive and human-driven content, people of all ages share what they think defines their generation.


Depending on when you're born, your idea of what is important in life will vary. For teens and young adults, social media and digital communication is an awesome way to stay connected to loved ones and explore the ideas of the world. But for older participants, they find the old days a simpler time without the distraction of social media and everyday technology. 

Many people defined their generation by what was happening during their formative years. Baby Boomers were born during a pivotal time in world history and many pride themselves on being one of the leading generations of social progress. "Everything changed with my generation," said a 69-year-old man in the video. "They just took a look at the world in a new way and just refused to accept what people thought were acceptable for a long time, whether it was what color someone is, what a woman's role is. I think my generation was the greatest generation." 

Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z participants grew up during perhaps the fastest advancement of technology, and their perspectives were heavily rooted in innovation, possibilities, and expression. "There's this can-do spirit of Millennials and then there's this jadedness of Generation X, and I feel like I have both of those in me all the time, kind of fighting each other," said a 36-year-old woman. Another woman, a 29-year-old, defined her generation as people who have "a healthy disregard for the impossible."

The video sparked a stirring conversation in the comment section. People chimed in with their own definitions of their generation; some even argued that despite the year they were born they actually felt more connected to other generations.

"I'm 19 now and still didn't have a mobile phone until I was about 13/14...I spent my whole childhood outside - and yes, I do still write letters. To be honest, I want my kids to have similar things in their childhood one day. Because while new technologies are important - and to know how to use them - it shouldn't keep you away from the real world and real people," said one commenter. 

"My generation (late 20's) had the Internet before you had to worry about it. Before you were worried about predators, before all the negativity, trolling and shaming. Everyone just shared what they were passionate about. I also feel my generation is defined by people that feel the need to prove themselves," said another.

"Completely agree with the 22-year-old. We are a very self aware generation," said another. 

While all generations may differ from one another, one thing remains the same for all: they each helped move the world forward. 


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