2 Magicians Just Destroyed The Anti-Vaccine Movement In 90 Seconds


Despite the near-eradication of some contagious diseases thanks to vaccines in the United States, a few of those diseases, like measles, are making a comeback. And scientists say the anti-vaccine movement is to blame.

There are many reasons to vaccinate: protecting small children and those that can't receive vaccinations due to age or illness by keeping "herd immunity" intact, among them. But the more obvious reason to vaccinate — you know, to prevent your child from contracting or carrying and therefore spreading an easily preventable disease —  is somehow superceded by anti-vaxxers' belief that vaccines cause autism, despite the fact that that belief has been proven false.

In the video above, Penn and Teller, two American illusionists and entertainers, explain via demonstration why vaccinating your child is so important. 

One side of their set contains bowling pins representing vaccinated children. The other side also contains bowling pins, this time representing those not protected by vaccinations. The two men throw balls representing contagious diseases, and while the vaccination side is protected, the side that isn't vaccinated gets nearly wiped out.

Their display doesn't even include the children infected by those that aren't vaccinated, because they were too young or ill to get vaccinated themselves.

Penn then drives the point home.

"Even if vaccination did cause autism, which it f*cking doesn't,'" says Penn. "Anti-vaccination would still be bullsh*t."

Vaccinate your children, everyone.

(H/T: KevinMD)


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