These Penguins Wanted To Escape The Zoo. What They Did Was Beyond Adorable.

Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave.

The zookeepers at Odense Zoo in Denmark noticed something odd about their penguin exhibit last week: their penguins were missing.


All that was left of the penguins were their footprints.

The zookeepers followed the adorable footprints down the hall and they could hear the faint penguin calls in the distance. As they pursued the footprints, they caught up with the fleeing penguins.

It seems that the penguins were attempting to escape. The zookeepers wrote on the Youtube video, "Perhaps our penguins seen The Penguins of Madagascar too much?"

It's a reference to the original 2005 film Madagascar in which the penguins attempted to escape from their zoo.

After the penguins were caught red-handed (or rather, red-flippered), they turned back and hobbled their way back home.

It was the most adorable penguin walk ever.

A spokesperson with Odense Zoo told the Daily Star, "Everyone was relived to have them home afterwards."

Watch the full video:


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