Watch A Rescue Puppy Growing Up In Front Of Your Eyes In This Stunning Time Lapse

Making the most of today.

Each year approximately 7.6 million animals enter shelters around the US. Sadly, only 15 out of 100 get adopted each year. For the ones that are either old or have illnesses, the chances of being adopted become very slim.

When Dave Meinert, a Cape Town-based director and filmmaker, rescued Pegasus as a puppy from backyard breeders, he was told she didn't have a long time to live. And even if she did, she would go blind and deaf.

What Meinert did next was truly beautiful. He decided to celebrate each and every day Pegasus had left the best way he knew how to — by creating a stunning time lapse video. He filmed Pegasus on a treadmill day by day capturing her growth, quite literally, before our very eyes.

"I still don't know how long she's going to live," the caption at the end of the video reads. "But right now it's pretty great."

The gorgeous time laps reveals an important lesson —  it's all about remembering to enjoy what we have today.

Watch the entire video below.


We can all make a difference in someone else's lives. Sometimes that someone else is a rescue dog.

Best of luck, Pegasus. You are doing just great.

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