This Male Instagram Model Reminds Us What Is Missing From The Body Positive Conversation

"Because us big guys need some bopo loving too!"

Social media is filled with body positive messages. There are new self-love hashtags being started every day and there are models who are using their platforms to promote messages about celebrating individuality. Plus, countless users bare their bodies and their feelings in an effort to help spread the love.

 We enjoy hearing all of the brilliant messages about self-love, but there is one thing that is often missing from the bopo conversation.


There is sometimes a lack of male voices.

Of course there are lots of men who are supportive of the cause and who want their voices heard. Self-proclaimed "body positive feminist ed warrior" Meghan Jayne Crabbe of @bodyposipanda recently shared one such message from Pedro M. Flores, Jr. on Instagram.

"LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS! Because us big guys need some bopo loving too! Definitely feeling myself! Fat was never a health issue for me in the past. At one point, I weighed in at 375 lbs before but never had fat-related health issues or personal problems aside from the bullying (eff the haters). I think I actually got sick when I lost the weight. I dropped down to 164 lbs [in] my senior year of high school. I was anorexic, bulimic, suffered from bad anxiety, depression and a lack of self esteem/confidence. In and out of hospitals all the time. Never left my room. But I finally changed that. I changed myself, my perspective on life and the way I viewed my own physique. Mentally, It took some time and sure I gained some weight back but I finally found my true self! Currently, I may not be skinny, thin or 'fit' or buff but why get a six pack when you can party with a keg? It's who I am and IDGAF what others may think or say about me or my views because I'm happy with myself now. I'm not here to judge anyone by their weight and I definitely CANNOT appreciate anyone who does. That's cruel. Don't be cruel, just be happy. Be happy for others. Be positive in life. Be positive in yourself no matter what size, age, gender, ethnicity or flavor you are! I guarantee you somebody thinks you're beautiful." 

Flores's post speaks to everyone who has struggled with body acceptance, but Instagram users are commenting how great it is to hear a male perspective on the topic. And they want more of it. One commenter said, "YES! We need more male bopo and chub guy love."

Another Instagrammer wrote about the positive impact posts like these have, "

"Thank you for your words of wisdom. I'm learning these things myself and already my relationship with my body has gotten to a much better place. Keep sharing your story, it's important!"

A body positive attitude is something that everyone should have. It isn't restricted by gender, age, ethnicity, or size. And the conversation about it shouldn't be limited, either. When people from all walks of life share their story, like Flores did, it helps others know that they aren't alone. Plus, the more people who share their messages, the more positive everyone will hopefully be as a whole.

(H/T: HelloGiggles)


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