People Are Loving This Pediatrician's 'Vaccines Cause Adults' Shirt

"With this shirt, we hope to help remove most of that doubt in new parents."

After all the research and evidence showing the benefits of vaccines, it's amazing the topic is still controversial. That said, there is so much misinformation about vaccinations that myths continue to be perpetuated, such as the idea that spreading out vaccinations is safer for children, homeopathy is a proven working alternative to vaccines, and vaccines cause autism. 


These are all myths.

Spreading out vaccines can leave kids more vulnerable to illness and disease. There is no evidence homeopathy effectively protects kids from disease and illness, and research suggests autism is largely genetic.

To help people get the facts straight about vaccines, Reddit user Naleric on the beyondthebump subreddit shared a photo, with permission, showing her pediatrician's shirt which has the words. "

The shirt simultaneously dispels the myth that vaccines cause issues, such as autism, while showing what they really do — help kids grow into healthy adults.

There are different shirts with the slogan available online including various versions from Cure Gear. They explained the intention of their shirt, "While only about 5 to 10 percent of the U.S. population is truly Anti-Vaccine, they have caused new parents to begin doubting vaccines and delaying their vaccine schedule due to fear. This delay and confusion is beginning to cause serious outbreaks in the U.S. With this shirt, we hope to help remove most of that doubt in new parents."

(H/T: PopSugar)


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