When A Team Of Racers Met This Dog, They Had No Idea He'd Be Their Most Loyal Ally

This dog found his pack.

Peak Performance, a Swedish extreme racing team, were embedded on a six-day, 430 mile race through the rain forests of Ecuador when they happened upon a stray dog. 

Stopping to eat, Mikael Lindlord, the team captain, offered the starving mutt, who they named Arthur, a meatball from his provisions: a generous gesture, given the scarcity of food on the journey. 


As a result, the team won the dog's loyalty.

The team pushed through mile after mile...

With Arthur never leaving their side, no matter how hard the terrain.

When there was no room in a kayak, Arthur swam after them.

He arrived with his teammates at the end of trek.

The team brought him home to Sweden.

He received a hero's welcome.

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