He Quit His Job To Pursue His Passion, And Then Ended Up On Time Magazine's Cover

When a leap of faith works out.

If you're living your life pursuing something that you don't love, let the Reddit user PavelSokov be your inspiration. 

Apparently, this user was working in at your typical desk job in marketing before he quit and moved from Montreal, Canada to California to work full time as an artist. He studied "traditional drawing and painting at Watts Atelier of the Arts."

In November, TIME magazine asked that he do their cover of TIME's person of the year, Vladimir Putin. Check out all of his amazing paintings below. You can see the full album here .


A woman he met in California

His grandfather

His roommate

TIME Cover


A book cover he created

A dog Sokov painted for Reddit users

If you'd like to have Sokov do some work for you, you can private message him on Reddit or on Tumblr.


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