Paul Ryan Thoroughly Confused By Congressman's Mischievous Son Dabbing At Swearing-In Ceremony

"Are you going to sneeze?"

While a serious affair, swearing-in ceremonies on Capitol Hill are not quite the stiff affair one might think they are (especially if Joe Biden's there). But on Tuesday, the teenage son of newly elected Kansas Rep. Roger Marshall took it to another level at his father's swearing-in, thoroughly confusing Speaker Paul Ryan with a not-so-surreptitious dab during the photo op. 

While everyone in the frame was instructed to raise their hand for the photo, Marshall's son Cal made the dabbing gesture, a dance move popularized by celebrities and teens. Ryan, taken aback, asked Cal if he was all right, and when he persisted, a puzzled Ryan asked, "Can you put your hand down? Are you going to sneeze?"

Cal then conceded and lowered his arm, turning to smile at the camera. 


The short moment quickly garnered attention on social media, and Cal commented on Twitter that he "did not think this would happen." 

After the ceremony, Ryan tweeted, "Just finished swearing-in photos. Nearly 300 members. Countless cute kids. Still don't get what dabbing is, though."

To Marshall's credit, he later tweeted at Ryan that Cal was grounded. But at least he got a good photo out of it. 


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