'Ghostbusters:' Paul Feig Just Released Photos Of The Main Cast's New Ghost-Busting Gear

Uniforms and proton pack included.

"Ghostbusters" director Paul Feig sure knows how to tease an eager audience. After releasing casting announcements and the first look of some of the main cast members from the reboot, he tantalized us with details of the all-female lead's gear. Tweeting photos of "Ghostbusters" uniforms and proton packs, Paul Feig definitely made the movie's July 2016 release date feel like eons away.

So far, die-hard fans of the "Ghostbusters" franchise — us included — have had to consult Feig's Twitter account for details about the movie. We're pumped to see funny women Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Kristin Wiig and Leslie Jones in the lead roles, but Chris Hemsworth as the secretary will definitely be something to look forward to. The uniforms he released on Monday night were tagged with each of the leading actor's last names. Besides the bright orange stripes, they're roughly the same as those worn in the original "Ghostbusters." 

On Tuesday morning, Feig again tweeted another photo, this time of a proton pack with the caption "#whatyougonnashoot." Used to capture ghosts, the device looks as appropriately industrial as it did in the original, lending to the whole gritty feel that goes hand-in-hand with kicking ghost butt and taking names.


Here's what the new uniforms will look like...

... And their ghost-busting proton packs:

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