Comedian Offers A Very Different Take On Hillary Clinton's Pneumonia Diagnosis

For most of us, getting pneumonia means lying in bed for days on end.

On Sunday, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took a break from the campaign trail to attend an event in New York City commemorating the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Clinton left the event early after feeling "overheated," according to her campaign aides. Later, her doctor announced that the Democratic nominee had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday and prescribed antibiotics, and was now "recovering nicely."

Following weeks of rumors surrounding her health, stoked by Trump and his supporters, it seemed like being pneumonia-stricken could not have come at a more inopportune time. But not so, according to Patton Oswalt, who had a different take on it

"Wait," the comedian tweeted, "so Hillary has PNEUMONIA and she's still campaigning as hard as she is? You realize how badass that is, right?"


Oswalt also retweeted others who made the same argument for Clinton: that her pneumonia "controversy" would actually do her good. 

In recent weeks, Trump's campaign have strived to make issue of Clinton's health, accusing her of hiding a serious ailment. Rudy Giuliani has led the charge on this.

While concerns about the health of presidential candidates are valid, the conspiracy theories surrounding Clinton's health are not — particularly, as Oswalt has pointed it out, when she's still unwaveringly campaigning through a bout of pneumonia. 

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