Photographer Shows Both Sides Of Hugs And It's Unsurprisingly Emotional

When's the last time you hugged someone?

We hug when we're happy. Hug when we're sad. We hug when we meet and when we say goodbye; when someone's in pain or needs to be consoled over an empty peanut butter jar (Hey! Everyone grieves differently, OK?).

One photographer set out to explore all the different emotions we feel when we wrap our arms around one another.

When Bangkok-based artist Patcha Kitchaicharoen had to finish her assignment for a photography school in New York, she decided to explore one of her favorite forms of showing affection — embrace. 


In her heartfelt photo series 'Care About Deeply,' Kitchaicharoen displays both sides of a hug.

It's a total of 12 photographs taken by setting up two cameras and using a remote shutter to seamlessly capture the hug.

The side-by-side photos perfectly convey all the emotions Kitchaicharoen and her subjects get by embracing each other.

Yes, it's a roller coaster ride ...

Check out the rest of her photos below:

(H/T: Bokeh)


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