Patagonia Is Helping To 'Provide A Solution To The Environmental Crisis' By Taking Your Old Clothes Back

You'll get store credit and help the environment in the process.

Have an old Patagonia jacket hanging in your closet that you haven't worn in years? What about a sweater gathering dust in your attic? You might not want these items anymore, but the team at Patagonia would love to have them back. 

In April, the company will launch a new take-back program where they'll reward you for recycling your old clothes with them. If you return your old clothes in reasonable condition, Patagonia will offer store credit in exchange. 


Workers at its repair facility in Reno, California will then clean and restore the clothing and the refurbished items will be sold at discounted prices on their Worn Wear website. 

"If we can make really durable products, and we can work with our customers to keep them in service and in good repair, then we're providing a solution to the environmental crisis," Rick Ridgeway, Patagonia's vice president of environmental affairs told Fast Company. "Because then the overall footprint of the products that we make, and our customers buy from us, is as low as we can possibly make it. That really is intrinsic to our motivation for doing this."

According to The Huffington Post, a press release explained that "for every nine extra months a piece of clothing is used, there is a 20-30 percent savings in carbon, water and waste, according to independent research by WRAP UK."

The environmentally friendly take-back program is just one of the ways the Patagonia team has made an effort to make the world a better place. Just in the past few months, they donated all $10 million of their Black Friday sales to charity and closed all of their retail store locations, their Reno, Nevada distribution center, and their Ventura, California headquarters on Election Day so that their employees could perform their civic duty stress-free. 


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