Self-Reflection Was Key For This Transgender Boxer To Embrace His True Identity

"I'm gonna be who I am and I'm gonna continue fighting.”

For Pat Manuel, his love of boxing almost stood in the way of his gender reassignment surgery.

In a new video for 60 Second Docs, Manuel talks about his transition and what it was like boxing as a female versus now being male, touching on the fact that he was unsure if he had a future career if he went ahead and had the surgery.

"It was actually boxing that kept me from transitioning because I didn't know if I would be able to continue competing if I decided to medically transition," he says in the video.


Now, things are looking up for him. Competing as a male boxer is new and different than what he's used to, but nothing will stand in his way to further his career.

"It's obvious I was meant to transition," he said. "Ultimately, this is for me. I'm gonna be who I am and I'm gonna continue fighting."

Watch Manuel's story below:


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