11 Epic Moments Of Passive Aggression... And One Unexpectedly Kind Note

This isn't really communicating, is it?

1. Going to guess that no tip was left here.


2. Love thy neighbor.

3. Roommates: another reason to live alone.

4. If someone says this to you, it's time to intervene.

5. Great, please scrub the shower walls next.

6. I want to believe... that this sign debate is real.

But it probably isn't.

7. A career change might be a good idea at this point.

8. We get the sentiment, but this is a terrible poem.

We wrote a better version:

Your cigarette upon the wind in flight:
A disappearing ember, soon forgot
But as it travels through the dark, its light
Glows on... And deep within its glow burns hot.

But far from me to quench your smoke-desire
So put it out before you start a fire.

9. It takes more time to write a note than to wash a dish. Just saying.

10. If you're gonna be passive aggressive at work, please bring up your font game.

11. Just when you thought romance was dead...

12. Now that you've seen all that: Read this note from an prison inmate to a correctional officer.

Go easy on the disproportionate anger.

Be kind to each other. Be respectful of each other.

Don't take everything so seriously.

And please share this with your friends.


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