Flight Passengers From Hell Or The Instagram Account You REALLY Don't Want To End Up On

Proof that 'pigs DO fly.'

If you've ever been on a plane with more than three people, you will share these people's pain.

Passenger Shaming is an Instagram account dedicated to spot and record the worst, filthiest, most obnoxious airline passengers in the world. And it's pretty darn good at it.

To this day, Passenger Shaming has 259 photos taken by crew and other random flyers. The photo stream has everything from bare feet, trash, spiders, naked dudes, etc. So just sit back, enjoy and pray you don't spot yourself or a close friend in one of the pics.


1. A friendly tap on the shoulder? Not quite.

2. Inflight mani-pedis, because, why not?

3. OK, can someone introduce this caveman to the guy from the picture above?

Think this is bad? Wait until you see the rest ...

4. The braidal shower.

5. What on Earth makes you come up with a decision like this? WHAT?!

6. Although we don't know which is better, the 'pee in the sink' or the 'pee in the bag.'

7. This. Is. A dude.

8. Sure, sir, make yourself at home. No one will mind. No one at all ...

9. 'Why is there an octopus crawling on my screen?'

10. Someone has a serious case of 'zero f*cks given.'

11. Peeping Toe.

12. No gods. No masters.

13. 'Aftermath of TWO ADULT passengers (not 478 children).'

14. 'In the unlikely event of landing on water ...' OMFG who cares! There's a tarantula in our seat.

15. Hope you enjoyed your flight! See you guys next time.


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