We Do This Stuff Every Day, But For Her It's Twice As Hard

"30 seconds wounded me for eternity."

When you've experienced a tragedy, simple, routine things can become uphill battles, and sharing your story can require a great deal of strength. But 21-year-old Manon Slomkowski isn't one to give up easily.

Back in 2014, Slomkowski got into a motorcycle accident where she was severely injured, resulting in brachial plexus palsy. Essentially, Slomkowski is not able to use her left arm due to the damage to the nerve network responsible for sending signals from the spine to the shoulder, arm and hand.

Does that stop her from living her normal, everyday life? Hell to the no.


In a video that was originally posted on Facebook earlier this month and already has more than 5 million views, Slomkowski demonstrates her daily beauty routine.

From putting on her T-shirt, pants, and bra to doing her hair and polishing her nails, Slomkowski does everything with precision and confidence. 

"That's only a tiny part of what I had to re-learn," she says about the video.

Slomkowski admits the brachial plexus injury completely transformed her life.

"I don't go to work anymore, and I am caught up in an insurance and compensation claim process," she told The Huffington Post.

She also suffers from neuropathic pain, otherwise known as phantom pain. It is the feeling of pain or tingling, itching sensation in an absent or paralyzed limb.

However, Slomkowski refuses to stop living her life to the fullest and is gradually learning to adapt herself to the new situation. This video shows her incredible strength and determination to turn something she calls unbearable into an inspiring and empowering example for us all.

"We are not untouchable on the road. 30 seconds wounded me for eternity. Drive slowly and carefully," Slomkowski writes

Watch the full video below.

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