The 'Canadian Sniper' Parody Is So Funny It'll Knock Your Flannel Socks Off, Eh

Just teasing, Canada. You know we love you.

What would that Bradley Cooper movie "American Sniper" look like if it was "aboot" Canada instead?


It would involve an attack. The enemy? A moose, naturally.

The sniper would camouflage himself in red flannel and ear flaps.

Conflict would arise... clad in hockey jerseys.

Conflict would arise again... clad in denim.

Liquid courage would be consumed.

A love triangle would evolve.

A friendship would be made.

And Canadian guy would freeze his butt off in the snow. (There's always a guy freezing his butt of in the snow.)

It'll all make sense (kinda) in this funny parody below by Jeff Ayars & Dan Rosen.

Watch the trailer for "Canadian Sniper."

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