You Think Parkour Looks Hard? How About Parkour With Moving Vehicles.

Who thinks of this stuff?

When expert parkour athletes get bored, things get interesting.

In the case of this DanceOn video, things get quite dangerous, too. For one stunt, Will Spencer, who worked as a stunt double in "Spiderman," actually rides a wall on his skateboard while holding onto a moving car. 

"He wanted to do it for that movie," one of the other stuntmen said in the YouTube description. "But they just couldn't work it into the story. So he's had this idea for years, in the back of his mind."

At times, the cars were driving up to 20 miles per hour during the stunts, which is pretty scary when you see the stuff they were doing. 

As you're watching, just remember every person in this video has been doing parkour for at least a decade. Please, do not try any of these stunts at home.


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