Parisians Fight Terrorism, One Comedic Tweet At A Time

"Flattery won't get them anywhere."

When tragedy strikes, there are many ways to deal with it — You can surround yourself with family and friends or talk things through with those around you. But sometimes the best way to cope is through comedy. 

After the horrific attacks in Paris, some French people took to Twitter to respond to the terrorism in the best way they knew how — through their sense of irony and humor. The recent article published by Konbini compiled and translated some of the wittiest statements, proving that it is possible to "find humor" even in the darkest times, and that fighting terrorism with comedy can be one effective way to show a lack of intimidation.  

Scroll down to see for yourself.


"ISIS called Paris 'the capital of abominations and perversion.' Flattery won’t get them anywhere."

"Tonight I'm going out drinking. To show that I am not afraid. To show that life continues. And also because I am an alcoholic."

"And now, a magic trick for the terrorists."

"This is how you know that the terrorists had shitty lives: guys had one last car rental left to live for, and they made it a Polo."

"If anyone is in trouble in the 9th arrondissement, they’re welcome to my place. But just so you know, I’m on my period."

Tell 'em, Paris.

Cover image via Instagram.

(H/T: Konbini)


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