Watch These Parents Write Beautiful Affirmations For Their Transgender Children

"I am young and I can change the world."

A few months ago, we shared The Scene's video in which dads inspired their daughters to say affirmations in an effort to encourage them to be strong, confident women. The Scene just released a new affirmation video, but this time, they asked parents to give affirmations to their children who are transgender

First, the parents were asked to write the positive, uplifting things they'd like their kids to say aloud to themselves. Then, they sat with their child in front of a mirror and recited the affirmations together. 

"Even if it isn't true — that's what an affirmation is. We say something because we want to work on feeling good about ourselves," one mom told her child.

While people who are transgender are more likely to attempt suicide and suffer from depression, a 2016 study found that support from family and friends can help transgender children avoid mental health issues. By writing daily affirmations for their children, these parents are communicating their love and support, as well as helping to instill a healthy habit for their child. Reciting positive self-affirmations has been shown to help protect against stress and boost an individual's self-esteem. 

"I am who I am," one mother wrote for her son, who repeated it after her. 

"I am young and I can change the world," one father said, followed by his daughter. "I believe in acceptance for everyone." 

You can watch the heartwarming video in full below.



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