Divorced Couple Tell Their Child's Stepparents How They Really Feel

“Are you supposed to be someone I hate? Are you supposed to be someone that challenges my own manhood?”

How does a remarriage after divorce affect a family when there's kids involved? 

The folks over at SoulPancake wanted to find out. So, in a new video, they interviewed Jamey and Tara, a couple in what's called a "blended family." Blended families have children from current and previous relationships. Jamey and Tara divorced after seven years of marriage and have a son, Nakhjavani, together. 

After their divorce, Tara got remarried to Jason who's now Nak's stepfather. "When I introduce him, I never call him my stepson," Jason says in the video. "I'm like 'this is my son.'" 

Jamey also found a new partner, Natasha. 

"I haven't had the opportunity to really sit down with Natasha and thank her for all the incredible work that she does with my son," Tara says in the video. "She needs to hear it and she needs to know." 

SoulPancake helped give both Tara and Jamey an opportunity to sit down with the new stepparents in their child's life and tell them how they really feel. 


Jason and Natasha think they're going to participate in a discussion on blended families, but Jamey and Tara have a surprise in store for them.

Jamey wrote a letter to Jason explaining how he feels about him as a stepparent and Tara did the same for Natasha. Sitting face-to-face, they read their letters to the new parents in their child life.

“I knew I was not being replaced but you are only adding more love into Nak’s life,” Tara tells Natasha. "Thank you for being who you are and for loving my boy."

"I know how powerful it is for a boy to see that his mother is loved because that’s how he’s going to treat his wife. And you’re doing that for him," Jamey says, teary-eyed. "You’re doing the things I couldn’t do and I love you for that."

Watch the whole heart-warming video below:


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