Parents Give The Sometimes Awkward, Sometimes Funny, Always Necessary, Talk About Periods

"Well every month, the uterus gets ready to grow a baby."

"Well every month, the uterus gets ready to grow a baby," one mother begins in a new video for Cut.

In the video, parents sit down with their kids to have the inevitable conversation about a woman's period

And while it can be an awkward topic for both parties, the video shows a lighthearted, open and honest approach to the discussion.

"It's a part of life, you gotta go through it," another mother says, shrugging and smiling. 

Afterward, the parents and their children go through tampons, pads, and birth control pills — explaining their purposes, too.

And while there is a fair share of funny moments throughout the video, we love how it opens the conversation to all members of the family, normalizing the period rather than keeping it under wraps.  

Be sure to check out the full video below for more: 



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