Watch Parents Explain Birth Control Methods To Their Kids

"What's bananas have anything to do with this?"

Telling kids about all of their birth control options is an incredibly important part of sex education and these parents are having the talk on camera. As part of Cut Video's series Parents Explainfour mothers and one father sat down with their kids to discuss the variety of birth control methods available.

Using bananas and barbie dolls, the parents explain the options and demonstrate how to use them. They cover birth control pills, female condoms, male condoms, IUDs, and spermicide. Some also discussed the morning after pill and vasectomies. 

"Just remember this is just as much the male's job as the girl's job to prevent pregnancy," one mother tells her son. 

"OK, why is this thing so big?" one son asks his father about a female condom. 

"She has to put it inside her to capture the sperm," he explains.


There's lots of giggling and uncomfortable moments, but many of the kids' questions are addressed, which is the important part about all of this. The more educated they are on their options, the more prepared they'll be in the future. The video serves as an reminder about the importance of providing kids and teens with comprehensive sex positive education that will benefit them and their partners in the future. 


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