Parents Say These Are The Underrated Perks Of Having Kids

Kids are endless sources of humor and inspiration.

There are a few questions parents are way too used to hearing: "Why did you decide to have kids?" "What did you wish you knew before having kids?"  and "What are some of the best things about having kids?" 

Adding one more question to the list is Redditor hamzaouiii, who recently posed an interesting question on the AskReddit subreddit. The user asked parents, "What are some underrated advantages of having children?"

The thread was posted on June 22 and has received a lot of responses that are insightful, interesting, and sometimes funny. A week later, there are over 12,000 comments on the thread. These are some of our favorites.


1. You get all of the hugs.

2. It allows you to unleash your inner kid.

3. Kids are a polite way to get out of social gatherings.

4. Engaging in nap time.

5. They're endless sources of humor and inspiration.

6. They are so loving.

7. Delicious juice options.

8. It makes you more empathetic.

9. You will get over being squeamish.

10. The sweet greetings.

11. You can watch kids' shows without shame.

12. There's a board game partner in the house.

13. You see the little person you helped create.

14. The wide variety of snacks.

15. They're an extra set of hands.

16. They help you expand your pop culture references.

17. It forces you to become more social.

18. They give you a new zest for life.

(H/T: Insider)

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