Jimmy Kimmel's Absolute Favorite Kid Reactions To Halloween Candy Prank

It's the worst kind of betrayal.

Halloween is a magical, untouchable event in kid world that only happens once a year. It's a day full of excitement and chocolate-smeared smiles and pillowcases heavy with sugary sweets. So it stands to reason that these kids are a little miffed when their parents tell them they ate all their goodies.

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has challenged parents to film the Halloween prank for three years now, and he says this year his show got over a thousand submissions, more than ever before. The videos that made the final cut were his and his crew's absolute favorites.

From the little boy who searched the entire kitchen for the candy to the little girl who took her anger out on a chair, all the clips are hilarious testaments to the seriousness with which kids approach Halloween. But just a word to the wise, parents: one day these kids are going to grow up and get their sweet, sweet revenge. Might want to hide your favorite snacks before they do!


H/T Uproxx


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