Parents Humorously Respond To Their Son's Drawing On The Wall By Framing It

Other parents are now sharing their own children's works of art drawn in all the wrong places.

Rolling with the punches comes with the territory of being a parent and, sometimes, that means stepping back and having a laugh at the situation at hand. 

That's what Eric and Kim Massicotte did when they found out their 6-year-old son Ryan decided to use their home's wall as his canvas. He used a green marker to draw a house. 


But instead of getting angry, Kim decided to a little creative herself. She put a frame around the drawing on the wall and added a piece of paper that described the work. She titled Ryan's work, "Interrupted House, 2017" and added "Marker on latex paint. Gifted to his parents, by surprise" to the label. 

After Eric saw it, he took photos and posted them to Twitter. "Your kids are going to do things they shouldn't. It helps if you married someone with a sense of humour," he wrote. 

People are loving the Massicotte's reaction. Eric's tweet has been shared more than 100,000 times since Monday and has over 262,000 likes. 

Some people made some important observations.

While others shared their own children's creative touches.

But this Twitter user sums up the moral of the story best.


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