Parents Teach Their Kids About Peer Pressure — And Share Moments They Gave In

"Good friends will support you."

In Cut Video's series Parents Explain, parents sit down with their kids to discuss tough topics like consent, dealing with the police, and sex. These videos remind us how important it is to arm kids with the facts they need to make well-informed choices. Parents won't often be there when kids have to make tough decisions, but they can help to prepare them. 

In the latest installment, kids were taught about peer pressure, an experience most were familiar with but didn't have the name for. Using cigarettes, beer, and dolls, the parents showed what peer pressure looks like in action, and even shared some experiences of their own. 

One dad told his shocked son that he smoked marijuana when he was younger. Another dad revealed his friend peer pressured him into drinking alcohol when he was a teenager. "He said, 'just take this little bit. take this little bit.' I knew I shouldn't, but then I tried it and it was so horrible. I actually did spit it out and then he didn't like me anymore because I spit out his alcohol that he took." 

All of the parents wanted their kids to know that it's OK to say no to things they're uncomfortable with. 

"Good friends will support you," one mom told her daughters. "If they want to push you and force you into something you don't want to do or is a bad choice —" "They're not good friends!" her daughter said. 

You can watch the video below. 



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