Parents Explain Consent To Their Kids, Because The Earlier Everyone Learns This Concept, The Better

"Always remember 'no' means 'no,' even drunk, high, half blind. If it's not a clear 'yes, I will,' it means 'no.' "

The parents who participate in Cut Video's series Parents Explain have never shied away from discussing difficult topics with their kids. In the past, they've sat down to talk about menstruation, sex, and dealing with the police

Most recently, several parents sat down with their kids to talk about an issue that even some adults don't fully understand: sexual consent

In the video, the parents ask their kids what they think consent means. They use signs that say "yes" and "no," two dolls, and analogies to explain different scenarios surrounding consent. 

"Always remember 'no' means 'no,' even drunk, high, half blind. If it's not a clear 'yes, I will,' it means 'no.' " one mom explained.

"It's very simple. No means no," one father explained to his son. "If Ken is not acting appropriately, it would be good if his friends kind of pulled him back, right?" 

"Waaaaay back," his son replied. 


Many of the kids are visibly uncomfortable during this conversation, and some people may think it's too early to be talking about consent, but it's a topic we should all learn early on. 

By providing comprehensive sex education to kids and teens, we can help to keep people safe from sexual assault. According to a Planned Parenthood study from 2015, only 25 percent of people learned how to say no to sex in middle school and only 14 percent learned how to correctly ask for consent. With increased reports of sexual violence, it's more important than ever that we teach our children about sex and consent. 

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