#ParentingIn5WordsOrLess Is Raising Kids In A Nutshell

"Highly annoyed, highly in love."

Every parent is different because every family is different. For this reason, it can be challenging to sum up the experience of raising kids in a few sentences — though, apparently, it can be done. Twitter users are going a step further and attempting to describe what parenting means in just a few words with the #ParentingIn5WordsOrLess hashtag.

The hashtag — which has 12,900 tweets as of August 17 — has people sharing their quick parenting tips, stories and lessons. 

Here is how 17 Twitter users summed up what parenting means to them.


1. The parent who sees the conflict of time.

2. The mom who understands it's all about love.

3. The parent who knows that quietness often means something is going on.

4. The dad who sees it as fostering the next generation.

5. The person who knows sleep and parenting don't often go together.

6. The parent who knows the experience is incredible.

7. The parent who knows that it never ends.

8. The parent who views it as a special job.

9. The person who realizes the immense responsibly.

10. The parent who knows there's room for lessons and growing.

11. The dad who knows reasoning has to be involved.

12. The dad who sees it as taking on different roles.

13. The mom who has conflicting emotions.

14. The parent who knows you have to think and act carefully.

15. The person who sees the power of a simple gesture.

16. The mom who manages the severity of situations.

17. The person who sees it as a selfless act.

Cover image via George Rudy I Shutterstock


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