11 Parenting Safety Tips So Simple, It'd Be Silly Not To Try Them Out

These are so helpful.

While there's no one handbook on how to parent best, there are lots and lots of resources with recommendations. Crowdsourcing positive parenting ideas can also be helpful to get multiple perspectives, as everyone does things their own way. 

Such ideas can be found on this magical place called the Internet, where parents post their favorite hacks to make life a little easier, and a little less stressful. Many have posted various safety tips so simple, it'd be silly not to try try them out. 

These safety tips can help reduce the likelihood of accidents, and keep your child safer. And while kids can't be protected from everything, they can be prepared to face potentially dangerous or unexpected situations. 

Below are just a few very simple tricks for parents to ensure their child's safety. 


1. Here's how to check if your child's carseat straps are secure.

Paramedic and mom blogger Krystal Kleidon shared a video on her Project Hot Mess Facebook page about the importance of having secure straps in a child's car seat. She said it doesn't matter the price of the carseat as long as the straps are securely fastened, and that a parent should feel confident enough with the straps to turn their child over in their seat so they're facing the ground.

2. Here's a plan for when your kids need an "out" in an uncomfortable situation.

Dad and blogger Bert Fulks highlighted the importance of giving older kids a way out of uncomfortable or unsafe situations. He dubbed it the "X-Plan" and it involves a kid simply texting their parent an "X" if they want to get out of a situation. The parent will then call their child to say they are coming to get them right away. 

3. Here's one way to keep your kids out of traffic.

Sometimes it isn't very effective to tell kids to "watch out for traffic." So, Kristen Bell shared a clever hack from her sister-in-law that keeps them safe. When kids leave the car, she instructs them to "put their hands on the circle!" The circle is the gas cap which means kids stay near the car.

4. Here's a tip to teach your kids if a car is following them.

Walking home from school can be great exercise for children, but it's important that they stay safe and know how to react if someone is following them. 

5. Here's how to show kids where the physical boundaries are.

Instead of simply telling kids where they can and can't go, write it out. It shows kids exactly where their boundaries are so they stay off the road.

6. Here's how to make sure your curious tots are safe around their furniture.

If kids see something they like on a dresser or bookshelf, they might try to climb it. If the furniture isn't fastened to the wall, it could topple over when they start climbing on it. Be safe and secure it.

7. Here's how to make sure your kids always have your phone number on them.

If you're going out as a family and you're concerned about getting split up, have your kids wear bracelets with their phone number on them. SafetyTat is another company that ensures your child has your phone number physically on them at all times. These temporary tattoo child IDs can be custom-made not only to have your phone number, but to indicate if your child has a specific special need or allergy. 

8. Here's how to make sure your kids don't pinch their fingers between drawers.

Kids can hurt their little fingers when they get them jammed in drawers. Prevent the situation from ever happening with drawer locks.

9. Here's how to make sure your kids don't slip when they put on slick shoes.

Some kids' shoes don't have proper grips on the bottom to prevent them from slipping. Parents can create their own by simply adding two lines of hot glue to the soles of shoes.

10. Here's how to make sure they don't slip in the bath.

Putting down non-slip mats around the tub helps prevent little ones from slipping.

11. Here's how to prevent burns from metal buckles in hot cars.

Quickly cool those buckles before putting your kids in a hot car.

The plastic and metal on seat belts can get hot in the warmer months. Ensure if doesn't burn your child by keeping a spray bottle filled with water in the car. A quick spritz to the metal will cool it down instantly. 


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