New Orleans Skaters And Locals Help Build A DIY Skatepark

Welcome to "Parasite."

Local skaters in New Orleans are taking matters into their own hands.


After their original public skatepark The Peach Orchard, pictured above, was demolished, they had nowhere to turn.

They dearly missed their beloved public skatepark, but didn't know what to do.

In order to recreate their skatepark without rules, they decided to build it themselves.

Their idea, as designer Skylar Fein put it, is to feature "skater ramps built by skateboarders."

So they held a brief ceremony to honor The Peach Orchard, tearfully said their goodbyes and moved on to their new project.

They began a Kickstarter to help fund their DIY skatepark project.

And everyone pitched in to help get their dream skatepark built.

But they are still building...

The park is now legalized, but they want to expand. They have 30,000 square feet to fill up and need the help of skaters everywhere.

Thus far they raised about $17,000 and you can help by purchasing items like...



And boards!

You can help make it happen. Check out their fundraising page here and their website here.

Shout out Erykah Badu for the find.


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