When This Doctor Saved A Baby, He Had No Idea The Child Would Rescue Him

A story too amazing to believe.

When Chris Trokey helped rescue Dr. Michael Shannon from a burning car in 2011, he had no idea that it was the same doctor who had helped save his life 30 years prior.

Trokey, who was born prematurely and weighed just 3.2 pounds, was under the care of Shannon when he came out on the right end of a 50 percent chance of survival as a premature baby. Years later, the 30-year-old Trokey, now an Orange County Fire Authority paramedic, responded to a call about an SUV that had been T-boned, pinned underneath a semi-truck and caught on fire. 

Using the Jaws of Life, Trokey and his crew unknowingly rescued Dr. Shannon. Shannon was inside the car where he suffered burns and serious internal injuries. After 45 days in the hospital, he made a full recovery despite having to amputate two toes.  

Now, four years later, the two are good friends and Dr. Shannon is the pediatrician for Trokey's new child. Check out their amazing story below:


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