This Paralympian Is The Brand Ambassador For A Body Positive Underwear Campaign, And We're Lovin' It

"I think it is very important that we take a new stand on how the media portrays women."

At 19 years old, Paralympian Rae Anderson has already achieved quite a lot. She underwent numerous surgeries and intense physical therapy to gain mobility after being born with cerebral palsy and being confined to a wheelchair. Anderson is now a member of the Australian Paralympic Team, and she is the only athlete who will be competing in both discus and javelin at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. 

But Anderson isn't just pushing boundaries in the sports world. She is breaking barriers in the fashion industry, as well. 


Anderson has been named the first brand ambassador for underwear brand Modibodi.

The Sydney-based brand recently made the announcement on its Instagram account. Modibodi wrote, "Today, we officially announce Modibodi's first official brand ambassador, Rae Anderson. Rae, 19 is training for her debut at the September Paralympic Games as part of the Australian Paralympic Team. Throughout this week, we'll share interviews, photos and Rae's journey. Join us in welcoming @raelouisee the Modibodi family!"

Modibodi is a brand that is all about empowering women. The label creates comfortable, fashionable, and highly technical underwear that is truly designed for women's bodies in mind. Modibodi considers things such as breast milk leaks, sweat, and menstruation when designing garments. The brand also supports causes that benefit women, and it has a no Photoshopping policy

In an interview with Modibodi's founder, Kristy Chong, Anderson opens up about becoming the ambassador of the body positive brand.

 "I love everything that Modibodi stands for," she says in the video below. "The ideas within society and how the media portray people, especially women in the sports side of it, as well in Photoshopping and everything that goes along with it in sports underwear and underwear in general."

"I think it is very important that we take a new stand on how the media portrays women."

Anderson is already a brilliant role model for athletes and now she is taking the modeling thing a step further by partnering with an empowering fashion brand.

Showing models of all shapes, sizes, and abilities often resonates more with people than Photoshopped images of "perfection." Seeing someone like Anderson as the face of a brand like Modibodi shows role models make the best kind of models.


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