These Look Like Drawings, But Look Closer... They Are Made Of Paper, Cut As Finely As A Spiderweb

As fine and beautiful as silk.

Akira Nagaya of Nikko, Japan was trained as a sushi chef in his 20s, but it was during that time he discovered his passion for kirie: the Japanese art of papercutting. 

According to Japanese culture site Spoon-Tamago, Nagaya discovered his knack for the art while learning to cut bamboo leaves for decorative purposes.


His work ranges from traditional Japanese iconography... astounding lace-like creations... modern images that look as though they could be composed of human hair.

His work is imbued with surprising depth.

And his attention to detail is surgically precise.

To seem more of Akira Nagaya's amazing web-like creations, visit him on Facebook.

(H/T: Pulptastic)


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