You Will Love These French Bakeries But Not In The Usual Way

Food that lights the room. Literally.

Japanese designer Yukiko Morita loves bread. In fact, she loves it so much that she could stare at it for hours. Sadly, it wouldn't be possible because the bread would decompose.

But Yukiko found a way.


Yukiko Morita creates lamps from actual loaves of bread.

It all started back in 2006 when Yukiko got a job at a small bakery in Kyoto, Spoon & Tamago reports. She instantly fell in love with baking and decided to experiment on a bread prototype that could double as an interior accessory.

After years of experiments, Morita debuted her invention at the Tokyo Design Week.

These lamps are indeed made of bread flour, salt and yeast. They are then covered in a layer of resin.

Inside each bread loaf there's a LED light and a battery which makes them luminous.

Yukiko's creations come in various shapes: baguettes, croissants, boules, and other.

Yukiko named her brand Pampshade which is a combination of the words pan (bread in Japanese) and lampshade.

The prices of Pampshades range between $39 and $83.

There's no denying these lamps would flatter any kitchen.

So let there be bread!

Check out Yukiko Morita's Pampshades by visiting her website and Facebook page

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(H/T: Spoon & Tamago)

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