It's Their Son's First Birthday, But The Dad Had A Surprise For His Wife Instead

Every mom should get to experience this at least once.

These moms took their babies to the doctor for their 12-month checkups.


The doctor asked them some standard questions.

And the women talked about some of the experiences they had as new moms.

While the moms were inside the doctor's office, the dads were busy in the building's hallway, planning a secret surprise.

They wanted to show the moms how much they're appreciated.

The moms came out of the office. At first, they were confused.

Then taken aback.

Then the waterworks started.

The dads had put up photos of the moms' and babies' first year together.

They attached personal notes.

"Thank you for putting up with the most trying year of your life," one dad said.

"Now I know what true happiness is," said another.

As each mom exited the building, they were greeted by their partner, who was holding a birthday cake.

But it wasn't meant for the baby.

It was for the mom, because if you think about it, it's her "birthday" too.

See the women's touching reactions in the Pampers video below

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