These Socks Will Teach Your Kids Not To Be 'Complete A**holes'

Changing the world one mismatched sock at a time.

Socks can't teach kids how to be good human beings, you'd think. Well, maybe not entirely. But they can sure get them on the right track.

Check out these Pals Socks.

 By matching unlikely pairs of friends, the socks send a simple, yet powerful message — "there is so much more to friendship than what we see on the surface." Or in other words, no matter how different we are, we can always be besties.


Be it alligators and flamingos ...

... dogs and cats ...

... or dragons and unicorns.

Who says these unlikely pairs can't be actual friends?

They sure look like total besties to us. 

But the concept is about so much more than just mismatched socks.

"We realized the idea of bringing two characters, who might seem like complete opposites, together as friends was pretty powerful," Hannah Lavon, one of co-founders if Pals Socks, explained to A Plus in an email. "If we can help kids connect to that idea through a fun product they love, then that's what success looks like to us."

"It’s OK to be friends with someone different, someone who doesn’t look like you. In fact, it’s pretty awesome."

"Hey, we probably can’t change the world, but we want to try. Can something as mundane as socks help start a dialogue with kids? We hope so."

You can find out more about Pals Socks here.


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