Actress' Photo Series Encourages People To Celebrate Their Differences

An inspiration to so many people.

Growing up wasn't easy for Paige Billiot. The actress and filmmaker's family moved often, and she received a lot of verbal and physical bullying because of the birthmark on her face.


"I realized the bullying had lot to do with the unknown," Billiot told The Daily Mail. "In the end, the moving helped. I got sick of answering the same questions and stood up in front of class and I introduced myself. After that stares stopped and it helped me accept it more."

She was born with a port wine stain on the left side of her face, where it is commonly found. This birthmark becomes thicker and darker as the child grows up. One in 300 babies are born with a port wine stain.

Billiot, who is now 23 and living in Los Angeles, has a burgeoning movie career. And she wants to instill hope in other people with her condition.

"Unfortunately, a lot of people have the same mentality of having the perfect face and the perfect body whereas my face was too different," she told The Daily Mail. "I wanted to inspire other people. If I can be successful in this industry, nothing can stop them either."

She created a photo series called Flawless Affect, which features her port wine stain front and center in every photograph. Billiot covers up her birthmark with makeup in movies, but she embraced it in the photo series to encourage other people to celebrate theirs.  

She often collaborates with other photographers to create the right photos for the series.

"I am two-faced, I have this giant thing on my face and I can be happy and content," she told The Daily Mail. "You must have the mentality that a flaw is flawless. It will still take a while, but it's about perspective."

On her website, Billiot encourages people to submit their stories about what makes them flawless and how they live with their unique traits.


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