Simple Hack Shows How To Fit All Your Stuff In A Small Carry-On

Now you can pack that extra pair of shoes.

Who doesn't love hopping on a plane for a little beachy getaway or going on a weekend road trip? It's the perfect way to relax... once you get there, that is. 


You're dreaming of cocktails on the sand, but all the preparation beforehand is kind of stressful. Should you bring that extra sweater? Will you have room to bring home a bottle of tequila? 

Most travellers choose between these two packing options: 

1) Take everything and lug around a big suitcase.  

2) Bring a carry-on and wear the same two outfits over and over. 

You shoot for the carry-on, but deep down, you know that big suitcase is coming out. Hope you don't mind wrinkled clothes.

Then there's that experienced traveller friend. You know, the one who breezes into the airport without any baggage to check, but somehow still manages to have a different outfit every day of the vacation.  

What do they know that you don't know? 

They've gone for the third option: this simple packing hack. 

Try it and you'll feel like a world travelling, master packing magician.

Your friends will love you even more for sharing this simple packing hack. Happy vacay!


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