P. Reign Visits America For First Time In 12 Years & Checks Out Drake' 'YOLO Estate'

"This can't be life..."

Over the past few years, a bunch of collaborations between Drake & fellow 6 Man P. Reign have been popping up. 

One of their more recent projects was the track "DnF," a hit record not many saw coming. The video, co-directed by Drake himself, has garnered over 21 million views on YouTube. 

The track also helped get some extra ears on Reign's mixtape, "Dear America" and making him more of a household name for rap fans. He even collaborated with Drake's artist PartyNextDoor and Meek Mill on "Realest In The City".

The duo has toured a bit together in the past as well and have appeared alongside on stage at T.I.'s concert in Toronto.


The history runs deep between the hometown friends, and recently P. Reign had a moment we can only dream about.

According to P. Reign, he hasn't been allowed in America for the past 12 years and up until that point has only visited New York one time.

In early May, the upstart rapper was granted permission to come back to the United States, and he made sure he took full advantage of the situation. 

Instead of merely going sight seeing or checking out Hollywood Blvd, P. Reign caught up with Drake and the OVO crew. Honestly, that's probably the best way to see America.

Especially when you get picked up from LAX in a Rolls Royce.

That was only the beginning. He was given the full tour of Drake's home, the "Yolo Estate." Of course he had to check out the infamous grotto.

And he even met a new girlfriend!

Watch as the OVO crew and P. Reign reunite and hit up some parties in the "Dear America" vlog below.


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