On The Runway Of London Fashion Week, One Non-Profit Shows How Fashion Can Fight Poverty


London Fashion Week (LFW) is all about showcasing creativity and the latest trends, but we get especially excited about people who use the opportunity to make powerful social statements through their artistic designs. On the Oxfam runway show, we saw just that, as the message behind the show was one about fashion being used to fight poverty on a global scale. 


Oxfam is a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating poverty by working to cloth people, fundraising to aid after disasters, providing people with clean water, and doing a plethora of other types of work to help those in need. Oxfam also has an online store with over 100,000 donated and new products, with proceeds going toward their mission of fighting poverty. 

For LFW, high profile models like Erin O'Connnor and Stella Tennant, and designer Bella Freud, were recruited to model the thrifted clothes from the  from Oxfam's online shop warehouse in Milton Keynes, England. Vogue contributing editor Bay Garnett help to style the looks. 

The show was an important way to kick off LFW, considering how much of an impact women's clothing sales help Oxfam — it is the largest category of products donated to Oxfam's shops. Furthermore, the Telegraph reports that in 2016, womenswear sales brought in £13.6 million (approximately $16,955,120) for Oxfam.

And the best thing is that it doesn't take a lot of money to make a difference. The sale of a $12 dress is enough to buy one mosquito net to protect from malaria, or to get safe, clean water for 10 people in an emergency.

As Oxfam says on its website, "We won't live with poverty." Hopefully the fashion event will help show how even just a bit of money can make a massive difference in making the world a better place for all.


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