Ever Notice Some Movie Posters Look The Same? Here Are The 13 Most Cliché Posters You'll See.

Ugh, even some of our favorites used these.

Sometimes movie posters can tell you a lot about a film, but other times, not so much. In fact, lots (and lots and lots) of posters look suspiciously similar. 

But considering movie posters have been around for about as long as movie theaters, it's no surprise there's some overlap. And these movie poster clichés, compiled by Imgur user JimKid, are hard not to laugh at. 


1. Huge heads in the sky over a beach with normal-sized people. Someone probably dies.

2. Main characters back-to-back. There will be conflict that will ultimately result in love.

3. Woman from the back with head turned toward the camera. She's strong, but sexy.

4. You know it's indie if it's yellow.

5. Cover the main character's eyes with text or an image.

6. Or just put on sunglasses.

7. Benches equal love and friendship.

8. Can you really call it an action movie if the lead isn't running for his life?

9. Loner from the back in an ominous atmosphere to show something bad will happen.

10. How else will people know it's a romantic comedy if they're not in bed?

11. Spooky close-up on one eye.

12. Between the legs.

13. Gotta have large text over the main character's face so everyone knows it's a serious film.

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