Website Lets You Combine Photos Using Neural Network ... With Insane Results

This is what computers dream.

Ostagram is a Russian website that uses DeepDream technology to combine photographs, producing incredible new and unique results. DeepDream is a project pioneered by Google that started with image-recognition technology, which allows a computer network to identify buildings, faces, objects, animals, and other things in an image. The network is "taught" to recognize things through the upload of millions and millions of images, which are then given descriptive parameters. In this way, the network learns to recognize objects.

With DeepDream, that ability to recognize is taken a step further. Rather than taking the image data and making a single recognition, the network continues the process by magnifying the features it recognizes and then re-analyzing them over and over again. The process is called algorithmic pareidolia.  

What the computer "experiences" is, in fact, pareidolia: seeing things — objects, creatures, patterns — within an image.

The results can be bizarre and hallucinatory.


K.S. Anthony

Ostagram uses the same technology to combine images.

Users log in, then upload photos and either choose a filter or upload one of their own to combine.

The site processes the images. Speed depends on traffic.

K.S. Anthony

Check out these examples:

To make your own Ostagrams, check out the web page. To see more examples of this stunning art, visit them on Instagram and Facebook

To learn more about neural networks and DeepDream, take a look at this article by Google.

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