How To Throw An Oscars Party Like An Award-Winning Host

All the best party tricks.

It's one thing to host a regular old party — it's another thing to host an Oscars party. 

In the same way people expect a special shindig for their Super Bowl and holiday parties, people want something big for the Oscars. So, if you're the lucky one picked to host this year's viewing event, you might be interested in these surefire ways to make your party the best one of the year. 

Continue below for all of our tips and tricks, including what to wear, what to eat, and more.


1. Pick a theme.

Whether you ask everyone to dress up as an Oscar-nominee or as a character from an Oscar-nominated film, pick a dress theme everyone can enjoy. 

There will be plenty of Instagrammable-moments in no time.

2. Order up.

Put together a simple menu that keeps you out of the kitchen and your guests happy. Of course, everyone loves wings, spinach dip, mozzarella sticks, and crisp veggies, so make it easy, and order to-go platters from one of your favorite restaurants, like TGI Fridays

And don't forget to cheers over a glass of champagne (like celebrities themselves would) or a fresh strawberry daiquiri with rum, fresh lime, and muddled strawberries.

For a few more quick and easy recipe ideas, check out these 10-minute pizzettes or this chili recipe we're sure Jennifer Lawrence would approve of.

3. Play a game.

Everyone loves to debate the Oscar winners, so why not make a game out of it? Ask partygoers to fill out a form predicting the Oscar winners in each category. At the end of the night, tally up everyone's totals and award a prize to the winner (like an adorable DIY Oscar statue made from a Ken doll or a bottle of champagne).

4. Throw it back.

Turn commercial breaks into nostalgic throwback moments. Mute the TV and turn on a playlist featuring Oscar-nominated songs or soundtracks from Oscar-nominated movies. That way, commercial interruptions are actually something to look forward to.

5. Go for the gold.

Accessorize your space with gold details, including gold glassware and serving dishes, balloons, tablecloths and even some golden desserts. 

6. But don't forget the red.

Lay out a makeshift red carpet leading guests from your front door and into the party. You can even set up a photo station with a self-timer camera so guests can show off their signature poses upon arrival. 

With that, you'll have the perfect Oscars-themed party in no time.


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