This Cat Became The First Feline With Two Bionic Legs After Bad Accident

When science meets incredible.

In 2009, Oscar the cat was wandering around his home in Jersey, in the Channel Islands.


However, it was no ordinary day as his hind legs were caught in a combine harvester. Despite the gruesome injury, Oscar remained strong until he arrived at the vet.

The vet was unsure if he could help but luckily knew of a colleague by the name of Noel Fitzpatrick who might have a solution.

He proposed a radical surgery that would involve "fusing metal and bone," as per The Daily Mail. While the option sounded painful, his owners knew it was that or put Oscar to sleep. 

They decided to go ahead with the operation and the results were amazing. Oscar awoke from the surgery and began immediately exploring.

With the surgery a success, Oscar became the worlds first cat with two bionic legs. After some rehabilitation, the bionic cat was able to return home and resumed his normal duties of lounging around, chasing laser pointers and just being cute.

To top it off, the operation was largely paid for by Fitzpatrick's firm. In total it cost roughly $50,000 according to The doctors covered the operation because they thought of it as "pioneering" work that could also one day change the way humans are treated with prosthetics.

Oscar even had his feet upgraded with new "blades" that enabled him to get around even better.

However, in 2012, one of Oscar's implants broke, an infection set in, and again his life hung in the balance.

In the owner's book and Daily Mail article, she left it open ended as to what was going to happen with little Oscar, who was only five years old.

It wasn't until the doctor's show called "SuperVet" aired on Channel 4 that everyone finally found out what had happened.

As you can watch below, the doctor had to amputate Oscar's ankle and create a new implant that would attach to his shin bone. This was an operation that had never been done before, but again Oscar prevailed.

You can watch some clips of Oscar's journey below.


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